• $ 5 billion lawsuit against Google for tracking personal information in incognito mode in Chrome

    Google sues for tracking customer information in incognito mode in Chrome. Google faces a $ 5 billion (approximately Rs 37,700 crore) fine if proven guilty

    Filed in the U.S. District Court of the Northern District of California. Under California law, private communication can only be viewed with the consent of the customer

    Attempting to know private communication is also an offence under the U.S. Federal Wireless Act. Under this law, consumers can sue Google for invading their privacy.

    A common misconception among Internet users is that Chrome does not track browsing history in incognito mode. But Google says that’s not the case.

    When browsing incognito mode in Chrome, no browsing history is saved in the browser. All information stored in the browser will be deleted as the session closes.

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    If Google’s Analytics tool is integrated into the websites we visit in incognito mode, then Google can track our browsing information on that website.

    Google says that every time the Incognito window opens in Google Chrome, the customer is informed that the websites we visit can track this information.

    If you prefer privacy, leave other browsers and switch to Brave Browser immediately. Everything about our privacy, including ads and website trackers, is blocked by default in Brave Browser.

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