• Amazon says it will not accept Bitcoin as a payment when purchasing goods

    The most talked about news of the last day is that Bitcoin is going to be available as a payment option when purchasing on the e-commerce giant Amazon, but Amazon has denied the rumours. There are reports which Amazon has denied it in any way and the report is that the e-commerce giant prepares in accepting bitcoin payments by the end of this year. The value of Bitcoin has risen sharply since the news broke last day.

    Bitcoin accepts payment options for buying goods through Amazon presented as news and causes upheavals in the cryptocurrency world. The value of Bitcoin, the world’s most valuable cryptocurrency, rose 14.5 per cent yesterday. Last-minute trade was up 6 per cent at $ 37,684.04. In Indian currency, it is about Rs 28 lakh. Later Amazon’s spokesman clarifies no true confirmation with regards to cryptocurrency for payment options.

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    A spokesman for Amazon said it focuses on what features to offer users who shop on Amazon. On July 22, the company placed a job opening advertisement. The person got an invitation to the post of Digital Currency, Blockchain Product Lead. The cryptocurrency accepts as a payment option on Amazon. The reports formulate in the interim. The number of companies accepting virtual currencies for payment is increasing day by day.

    Even there are companies who took no interest in bringing cryptocurrencies into the mainstream. This is until a few years ago. They are now stepping in to promote cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin. Elon Musk’s tweets play a major role in changing the value of cryptocurrency.

    Elon Musk, Tesla’s chief executive officer, said last week that electric car maker Tesla could resume offering bitcoin payments to buyers of its cars if it was careful about the amount of renewable energy which was used in mining cryptocurrency. Bitcoin in India has priced at Rs 27.4 lakh till 10:30 am on July 27 and it doesn’t take long for this to change.

    Earlier, Elon Musk had taken steps to promote Doge coin. This had raised the value of the coin to Rs 47 in Indian currency. The news that Amazon was going to take Bitcoin as a payment option had raised the value of Bitcoin but it is now down again.

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