• Anand Mahindra has invested $ 1 million in an Indian social media startup

    Mahindra Group Chairman Anand Mahindra has invested $ 1 million in an Indian startup. Mahindra’s focus is on Delhi – based Gurugram-based startup Hapramp.

    The Hapramp was started in 2018 by five students from IIT Vadodara – Subhendra Vikram, Pratyush Singh, Rajat Dangi and Mofid Ansari.

    Their main products are in the field of blockchain and social media. Anand Mahindra was attracted to GoSocial, a social media app developed by them.

    The investment is linked to the Cambridge Analytica-Facebook scandal that rocked the social media world two years ago.

    Content could at present be shared on Twitter like status on WhatsApp, Twitter Fleets in India

    A company called Cambridge Analytics leaked the information of Facebook users and used it to create a favourable environment for Trump in the US election.

    At the time, Anand Mahindra had said in a tweet that it was interested in investing in an Indian social media startup. The tweet said that having social media of our own is a good idea and would like to invest in the best start-ups that come up with such an idea.


    Jaspreet Bindra, the then Chief Digital Officer of the Mahindra Group, was commissioned by Anand Mahindra to find such a startup.

    After two years of searching, he tweeted that he had found a startup like he thought it would be.

    GoSocial is a Web3 social network. The GoSocial platform is built using emerging technologies, including blockchain.

    It’s a good business model that rewards content creators. Members’ personal information is secure. After all, it is made entirely in India.

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