• Book your vaccination slot easily through HealthifyMe, know how


    • The company did expect receiving 1 crore slot bookings over the next 3 months.
    • Bertie Thomas created Under45 Vaccination Slot Availability.
    • Bertie Thomas has joined as Assistant Director at HealthifyMe.

    HealthifyMe expects to receive 10 million slot bookings through its platform over the next 3 months.

    HealthifyMe, an Indian fitness startup started booking COVID-19 vaccination slots on its app. The company did get registered itself as an Application Service Provider (ASP) with CoWIN. This helps the users booking slots, besides got notifying them. Earlier this year, HealthifyMe launches VaccinateMe.in 10 languages. The service has helped over 8 million people finding vaccination slots nearby and did get notified as slots become available. Additionally, HealthifyMe also hired the Under45 team to promote the Vaccination Slot alerts on Telegram.


    Download the app for booking vaccination slots using HealthifyMe. Navigate to the VaccinateMe section at the bottom right corner. Using your pin code or district option, search the slot. The availability of vaccination centers is displayed with slots appear in a browser. Select the center you want to be visited and click on Book. The VaccinateMe me asks you about the login using OTP and select the person for whom the slot is being booked. On selection of the user, a slot easily being booked subject to real-time availability.


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    HealthifyMe expects to receive around 10 million slot bookings with its platform in the coming 3 months. As mentioned, it also hires under 45 team. Under45 Vaccination Slot Availability Finder it was developed by Chennai based technical expert Bertie Thomas. Thomas joined HealthifyMe as an Assistant Director and works alongside Manan Chandan, Senior Director, HealthifyMe and Project Lead, VaccinateMe. Along with him, Suchdeep Juneja develops mhVaccineTracker and Chandraditya Putuveru who launched the BloreVaccine Twitter bot also comes on board to take the VaccinateMe platform forward. The company does say that VaccinateMe, under45, BloreVaccine and mhVaccineTracker got help with more than 120 lakh people getting found with the vaccination slots so far. With this, there are more than 100 million alerts have been sent through SMS, Telegram and WhatsApp so far.

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