• Do you have spyware on your phone? Has it been hacked? Consider these things to be noted

    As Pegasus fills the mobile spying news, the names of malware and hacking are popping up again. While it is doubtful that ordinary people’s phones could be leaked in this way, netizens should not be afraid of big spying tools like Pegasus, the report said. But beware of other hacking and spyware and applications. Some of these apps try to steal your phone’s financial information, while others try to take full control of your phone, including photo gallery, calls and messages. These spying apps and tools can be hidden in phones by their very nature. They may not be easy to find. However, these signs will tell you if your phone has been hacked.

    The phone’s battery drains quickly

    If your phone’s battery runs out faster than usual, make sure there is malware inside the phone. Your phone may suddenly lose power because it is always working. Check the number of applications running in the background. If you have any apps that you have not installed, uninstall them.

    Note the applications that are not downloaded

    Notice apps that you do not recognize or have not downloaded on your smartphone and this could be the work of a hacker or spyware.

    If the phone slows down

    You need to be careful if the speed of your smartphone slows down. If it consumes more battery power, it may be due to malware on your phone.

    Increased mobile data usage

    If your data usage increases rapidly you can be sure that some spy app is running on your phone. If this is more than normal then there is no need to think twice. Malware or apps that track your activities may use your mobile data in the background.

    The phone works strangely

    Your smartphone works weirdly. Applications crash unexpectedly or fail to load. Many sites look different than they normally would. This is evidence that the phone has been hacked. Or that malware has taken control of your phone.

    Popups everywhere

    Many popups that appear on your phone’s screen may be the result of malware. If you notice such adware, never click on such popups or the links they provide.

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    Note the photos and videos in the gallery

    Make sure you have photos and videos taken in your photo gallery and you also want them available to answer your questions when you are feeling uncertain about your suit. If any image is saved without your knowledge it is an indication that someone else may be in control of your camera. Definitely be careful.

    Flash lighting on

    Make sure the flashlight is on even when you are not using the phone, as some app is running in the background. This may be because someone is remotely controlling your phone.

    Your phone is getting hot

    Phones can get hot if you run gaming and navigation apps for hours. But if your phone gets very hot even when you are not using it, you should be aware that there is a virus.

    View logs of texts or calls you did not make

    Check your messaging history frequently. If you see something you have not sent in it, you should recognize that this is another sign of hacking.

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