• ‘Drones can be destructive villains’; Military circles with stern security warning

    One can estimate around 5.5 lakh illegally operated drones in the country. In the aftermath of the drone strike at Jammu airport, military circles took seriously the security issue raised by the drones. According to military sources, drones are being used extensively along Pakistan’s international border and Line of Control.

    The Army is currently monitoring such drones crossing the border. The army had shot down two such drones yesterday. Drones pose a threat not only from across the border but also within the country. It is estimated that there are about half a million unregistered illegally operated drones.

    This poses a threat to many, including civil airports. The current problem is the lack of a proper response operating procedure (SOP). Snipers of the IAF and CISF at the border and the National Security Guard (NSG), a commando force, faces a significant threat, but avoiding the threat of drones is a challenge for every agency.

    This requires special responsibility with necessary technical equipment, whether, at borders, cities or airports. The latest Jammu Air Force station incident exacerbates this challenge as one of the examples. There are multiple security agencies in 2019 conducts data estimate study. This states that there are over six million unregulated drones of various sizes and capabilities in the country. You can use any of them in launching operations with destructive components.

    Agencies try implementing specific anti-drone technologies in the country. This includes Sky Fence, Drone Gun, Athena, Drone Catcher and Skywall 100. This is to intercept and immobilize suspicious and deadly remote-controlled aerial platforms.

    You cannot detect a drone by radar currently deployed in border areas. Authorities did make a call for the installation of another radar system. This is in with detecting drones as small as birds to monitor enemy activity. This is with the involvement of security agencies in the investigation and is behind the Jammu drone attack.

    The army found the quadcopters loaded with explosives. This is within a few kilometres of the airbase. They unanimously say big things like satellite surveillance against it and with the possibility in view of terrorists launching drones in key areas of the country.

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    Military sources said that considering the quantity of explosives carried by the quadcopters in Jammu, the militants may have launched the drone from a nearby location a few kilometres or less from the airbase and the distance from Jammu Airport to the international border is 14 km.

    The presence of drones at the border has come to notice for the last few years through Punjab Police. A senior Home Ministry official said one may find incidents of drones used in India to monitor Indian border assets and locations.

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