• French cybersecurity researcher finds security flaw in government health app

    French cybersecurity researcher Robert Baptiste has discovered a security flaw in the healthcare app released by the central government as part of its Coronavirus prevention campaign. He made the announcement on Twitter.

    He is popularly known on Twitter as Elliot Alderson. He had earlier revealed security vulnerabilities in the Aadhaar app.

    “There is a security flaw in your app and the privacy of 90 million Indians is at stake. Can you contact me privately? “. With Twitter handles he tagged the Health Sethu app and wrote on Twitter.

    In the above tweet, Robert also said that Rahul Gandhi was right. Rahul Gandhi’s remarks about the security of the Arogya Sethu app caught Robert’s attention.

    In a similar follow-up tweet, Robert said the National Informatics Center (NIC) and the Computer Emergency Response Team had been contacted. Robert clarified in subsequent tweets that he had reported the security flaw he had discovered and was awaiting a response from them.

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    Robert said the security flaw would be made public if they found a solution. Robert tweeted that he had a lot of patience and that he would release his findings after a reasonable time limit, whether or not a security breach had been resolved.

    Health Setu app makers reply

    The makers said on Twitter that there were no security vulnerabilities in the health app and that the hacker had not been able to prove that any of Apple’s users’ information could be leaked.

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