• Giphy, the image sharing platform, is now owned by Facebook

    Facebook has acquired the Giphy website, which allows you to create, search and share animated GIF images. According to the Axios news website, the deal is worth $ 400 million. Giphy is now part of the Instagram team under Facebook.

    Animated gif image feature used in replying to messages and posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp and Tic-Tac-Toe.

    Giphy comes with the ability to reply to messages on these social media apps integrated with the GIF platform and one can also search for gifs for each mood and find the answer. All that is possible is through the service of Giphy.

    The Giphy website allows members to create a gif image and one can also make an upload which is a handheld gif image to it. All these can be shared from the website and it is Facebook that has made it clear that GIF members can still use these services.

    Twitter, Snapchat and TicTac will also be able to use the GIF platform service in their apps, but unlike Facebook, Apple has taken over a company and stopped using its services by other companies.

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    Alex Chung and Jas Kok started Giphy in 2013 and initially, it was just a gif image search website. With over one million customers in its first week, it has gained popularity.

    Giphy was then able to integrate its services into Facebook, Twitter, and Facebook Messenger. Currently, 50% of Giphy’s traffic comes from various apps under Facebook.

    Tenor is Giphy’s main competitor on this platform which was acquired by Google in 2018 and now the competition will be between Google and Facebook.

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