• Gmail account will never be hacked since the service of Google is very powerful

    All those tasks can be done easily and thanks to the internet today which was once difficult to even think of doing. Yes, the tech giant’s Gmail is used all over the world. As the use of the Internet is increases, the incidents of hacking are also increasing.


    • Gmail’s new service is powerful
    • Spam and phishing will end
    • Gmail will never be hacked

    All those tasks can be done easily which were once difficult to even think of doing and thanks to the Internet once again as this is possible due to the usage of the internet at the current scenario. Yes, it can happen in today’s time. As the use of the Internet increases, hacking incidents also increases. To get rid of the problem of hacking, Google does come up with a new service. Gmail has Brand Logo as a safety service which was first introduced in July and will be rolled out in the coming weeks.


    Google informs Google, Brand Indicator for Message Identification (BIMI) about using this feature and with this help, an email will get more security and hence let us know about this service of Gmail.

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    There is a new feature, the logo of an organization will appear in the inbox of the users when they send an email and hence we are thankful for that. With regards to this new service, there is technology called Domain-Based Message Certification Reporting and DMRC being used. However, through this, it helps reducing phishing emails and Google joined the workgroup for BIMI in 2019. Let us tell you that the logos of those companies do come visible while using the sender policy framework or identification of mail of the domain to authenticate the email. SPF and DKIM are email certification technologies that are used in controlling spammers.

    Google once said that these certified emails pass all our rules, and GMAIL starts showing the logo in the slot which is located in the UIM. However, in this, the logo is seen within the small circular design slot that comes. Thus an email on Gmail has a different look within the recipient’s inbox. It helps companies for certification with their newsletters and does a lot more which includes offering email. Through this, spam and phishing etc. can be eliminated.

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