• Good news for Apple users! There will be no touch bar seen in MacBook Pro, bigger screen in new iPad.

    Amidst the continuous news of Apple’s upcoming iPhone 13 Series Launch, one good and one bad news is coming out. There is good news to suggest is that Apple’s upcoming iPad model may feature a 10.9-inch OLED display. The bad news is that the Touch Bar can be dropped from the upcoming MacBook Pro model. View details report.


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    • Apple’s three luxurious iPads will come soon.
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    Apple NextGen iPad and MacBook Pro Launch Specs: I have brought together good and bad news for the product users of Apple, the world’s most popular and valuable tech company. As customary, presenting the good news first. Apple’s upcoming iPad model would have a larger 10.9-inch screen, which allows users to use it like a laptop. The bad news similarly at the same point is that the Touch Bar can be dropped from Apple’s upcoming MacBook Pro model, that is, you may feel the lack of Touch Bar in all the MacBook Pro models that come now. In the view of detail report let us now see what is Apple going to do?

    Apple’s new tablets are coming

    According to a report by Popular Display Supply Chain, Apple will launch tablets with OLED displays by the year 2023, which can have a display size of 10.9 inches. Recently, there were reports trending towards iPad where iPad Air getting launched next year and will have a 10.86-inch OLED display. As you know that within the next two years, Apple is about to launch at least 3 tablets, which has a great display, powerful battery and processor as well as good cameras. In the next three years, Apple prepares to dominate the tablet market and goes presenting more than one new product to the users.

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    Touch Bar’s days are over

    The news is related to Apple’s upcoming MacBook Pro which may be good for some and bad for some. The Touch Bar will be removed from the upcoming MacBook Pro models. Apple however introduced the MacBook with Touch Bar for the first time in the year 2016 and after a time span of 5 years now it has been reported to remove it. Now one can view the standard Function Row with the upcoming MacBook Pro.

    Coming iPhone 13 Series

    With all this news amidst, it is finally concluded that there is a tremendous craze about Apple’s upcoming iPhone 13 Series Smartphone launch across the world which includes India and the features of this flagship series phone come to the fore. Currently, there is a bumper sale of iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 Series Smartphones in India.

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