• Google forced to withdraw cashback despite being legal in India : Paytm

    Digital payment company Paytm claimed on Sunday that despite being legal in India, Google forced it to withdraw its cashback offer. Paytm also alleged that Google’s payment service is itself making a similar offer based on Google Pay Cricket.

    Google had briefly removed Paytm’s app from its App Store ‘Play Store’ after the September 18 policy update before the IPL cricket tournament. Paytm’s app was able to come back to the Play Store when it withdrew the cashback feature from a cricket-related feature.

    Google Forced Paytm

    Paytm said in a blog post that it was forced to accept Google’s provision of removing the UPI cashback and scratch card facility to get back on the Android Play Store. The company said, “Both (cashback and scratch card) offer in India is legal and cashback facility is being given following all the rules and laws of the government.

    Paytm said that the policies of the App Play Store are discriminatory and have been created to indirectly establish Google’s monopoly in the market. He said that he was forced to follow this discriminatory policy. The payment company said that Google Pay itself has started the fast shots campaign. In this campaign it has been clearly said that to get a fixed prize of up to one lakh rupees, make a run. Google Pay has also introduced it at the beginning of the cricket season. There is currently no response from Google on this issue.

    Paytm also alleged that Google did not give it any opportunity to answer its objections or put forth its views. Paytm said in its blog, “We believe that our promotional campaign was within the guidelines and we had not committed any violations. It was not related to gambling in any way.”

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