• Google Photos To Stop Free Unlimited Storage For Photos From 2021

    Google Photos Stop Free Unlimited Storage

    The great thing about the Google Photos app is that we have the ability to store all the photos we click on the cloud in high-quality every day. This will help free up internal storage space, especially on budget smartphones. Sadly, the feature is set to expire next year as Google announced that it will no longer offer unlimited storage for “high-quality” photos from 2021 onwards.

    Google announced in a blog post that the Photos application will no longer store unlimited ‘high-quality photos’ from June 1, 2021, and Google will offer 15GB of free storage with each account counting those uploads. To get more storage, you have to pay monthly for a Google One subscription, which starts at Rs 130 for 100GB of storage.

    Thankfully, photos uploaded before the June 1 deadline will not move to 15GB of free storage. To do a quick backup of all your photos before the deadline, simply enable backup and sync in the Google Photos app.

    Google Photos Vice President Shimrit Ben-Yair said, “We know this is a big shift and it can come as a surprise, we know you well in advance and give resources to make it easier Want.

    Studying the backup patterns of users, Google stated that almost 80 percent of photo users did not win more than the 15GB cap in the next three years after the ban came into force. However, you have to make a conscious choice of which photos to back up from June 1, 2021.

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    If you have Pixel 2 or later, you will get unlimited photo storage options for high quality photos, while users on the OG Pixel will still have the option to upload unlimited photos at their original resolution.

    After the policy goes into effect, Google will also rollout a tool to help users manage their supported photos and videos. The tool will help users review photos they want to keep, and also suggest photos that can be removed. The tool will select photos that are dark, blurry or large in size. With storage full, users will also start receiving warnings. In addition, the app will tell users how many years of storage they have left to let users know how long they can continue uploading photos in high resolution without exceeding the 15 GB cap.

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