• How to speed up your iPhone?

    Your iPhone works best when you go from app to app and open the Internet tabs one by one. However, its rapid performance will slow down over time. Deleting your cache memory to avoid this situation is an important way to restore the old speed of the iPhone. Usually, you need to download information such as your phone photos, banners and other data to visit a website. Most Internet browsers make it easy to recover some of that data by storing it in a cache to help speed up the process.

    You may experience slow loading when your browser’s cache storage runs out. This is why deleting your cache is so important. This gives a fresh start to the websites that come in your browser and gets some space in your storage. Please note that when you delete your cache you will be signing out of all the websites you are currently logged in to.

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    However, it is common for things to go awry and there is always a slight discomfort. Here are some tips on how to clear your iPhone’s cache based on which browser you are using. Let us examine in detail what they are here.


    How to delete your iPhone cache in Safari?

    Safari is the default browser for iPhones. You can delete and save the cache memory in it. Note that this process will affect all devices that have logged into your iCloud account. As a result, all your device caches will be deleted. The next time you use it you will need to sign in to all the important website accounts. We shall let see what exactly you need to do. Open the ‘Settings’ option on your iPhone, open ‘Safari’ from the list of apps, click on ‘Clear History and Website Data’ and select ‘Confirm’ as shown in the pop-up box.

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