• Instagram is no longer a photo sharing app! new feature to be notified by company

    Do you also use Instagram? If yes, then here is the news for you especially. Instagram is now being considered as no longer a photo-sharing app. It is something other than that to describe about. There are millions of people around the world who use this app and some may even have known about it but now finally had been confirmed by the head of Instagram.

    Instagram head, Adam Mosseri did post a video on Twitter and Instagram stating that the company on Instagram always strives to create new features that give you the best experience possible.

    Right now, the company focuses more on four key areas and they are creators, video, shopping and messaging services.

    Now there is none of them who just mentions photos on Instagram because now the trend rises to video, shopping, creators and messaging come here. Mosseri explained that Instagram’s focus does make it a point in shifting away from photos because he personally worked on four focus areas.

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    They are thus shifting themselves from organizations to individuals and Instagram wants to play a part in that.
    He conveyed that Instagram might no longer be just a photo-sharing app. Research says that people use Instagram for entertainment.

    At the same time, he also admits that the competition in the market is very tough. Along with this, it has been indicated that in the coming months, the users get to see a lot of experiments for videos on Instagram. Regarding shopping, Mosseri conveyed that online shopping tends to gain a lot of momentum and there was more improvement among people, particularly during the epidemics.

    During such a situation, also if you consider Instagram to be a photo-sharing app so far, then give a statement to the head of the company. Because according to his statement, there is no photo-sharing app been there.

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