• Instagram Released Keyword Search, Guide Feature Also Available To All Users Soon

    Instagram Released Keyword Search


    Instagram Released Keyword Search : Instagram is releasing new features. The new feature added to this list is the search feature using keywords that came up for Instagram. Until now, users could search only through hashtags, location or username, but now users can also search through keywords. This new feature has been released in the US, Ireland, UK, New Zealand, Canada and Australia. The feature will be available only in the English language and no information has been revealed about the update in other areas.

    Previously, if you wanted to search healthy diet on Instagram, then you had to search for that word with the hashtag and Instagram used to show only those posts, profiles etc. with which this particular hashtag was used. But now with keyword search, Instagram will show similar posts whether they use this hashtag or not.

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    A spokesperson of the company told ‘The Verge’ that the team looked at a variety of factors including content type, caption and when it was posted. It also uses machine learning to find and extract high-quality content and now you will only be shown grid posts.

    Instagram is also expanding support for the ‘guide’ feature, which it introduced back in May. The Guide feature helps creators share tips, resources, and other content about a specific topic through the dedicated Guide tab in their profile. Previously, this feature was available to only a handful of creators, but now it is rolling out to all users.

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