• Israeli spy software ‘Pegasus’ in the news again; Rumor that big news is coming?

    According to Subramanya Swamy’s tweet, Pegasus is being used to leak the phones of officials and journalists of various political and political leaders in India.

    Israeli company, Pegasus is back in the news. Reports are coming in that the Israeli company is being used to leak information about key people globally. The tweet by BJP leader and Rajya Sabha MP Subramanian Swamy has already sparked a heated debate.

    According to Subramanya Swamy’s tweet, Pegasus is being used to leak the phones of officials and journalists of various political and political leaders in India. For this purpose, the ‘Pegasus spy software’ of the Israeli company is being hired and used. The tweet suggests that there may be Union ministers on the list.

    In 2019, the name Pegasus will be the talk of the town. There was a big security breach in WhatsApp that day. The news came out in May 2019. It was discovered that hackers were able to install surveillance software on phones through a security flaw in the WhatsApp voice call system. The news was that the information of many people was leaked through this. WhatsApp has since instructed its 1.5 billion users to update the app.

    On the same day, WhatsApp confirmed the presence of a cyber-spy company behind the cyber-attack. It was reported that the Israeli-based cyber intelligence agency NSO was behind this.

    It was discovered that Pegasus’ NSO spy software was used for this. Pegasus is software that allows you to take control of an attacked phone, including the camera and microphone.

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    It is reported that the majority of the victims of the 2019 Pegasus WhatsApp attack were soldiers and government officials. It is reported that information on soldiers and officials from 20 countries has been leaked. WhatsApp information of officials and soldiers of countries close to the United States has been leaked.

    The data was leaked to 1,400 people from 20 countries. The leak came after WhatsApp approached a US federal court seeking action against the spy group. Following the controversy over the incident, there was some news that the phones of Indians were also leaked during the Pegasus attack.

    Later, the central government sought an explanation from WhatsApp. WhatsApp then responded in November 2019, apologizing to the central government for leaking the information. WhatsApp explained that it will take strict action on security issues and take steps to prevent such incidents from happening again in the future. But it was news that the opposition leaders came on the scene that day, blaming the central government.

    What did Pegasus owners say and the case?

    The Israeli company NSO says Pegasus only sells software to accredited government agencies and is designed to prevent terrorism and crime. The NSO also stated that the company does not use itself for Pegasus hacking.

    The incident sparked global protests against the NSO. Human rights groups have accused Amnesty International of using the software extensively against journalists and human rights activists. Amnesty International had approached the court in Tel Aviv seeking the revocation of the NSO’s license, and the case is reportedly in progress.


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