• iPhone 11 and 12 was launched, the iPhone 13 could also come in many colours, and iPhone Pro and Pro Max offers with less colour options

    There was an introduction of the Apple iPhone 12 last year with 5 colour options and also during that time, Purple colour was introduced by the company during the spring-loaded event which was held in April. Likewise, the iPhone 13 comes with many colour variations, in such a way as the launching of the iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 series. On the other hand, there are fewer colour options of iPhone Pro and Pro Max to include Graphite or Pacific Blue. However, there is a possibility that Apple may bring new colours to the vanilla version of its iPhone 13.

    According to reports, Apple considers bringing a matte black colour for its iPhone 13 series. There is a recent leak from tipster Max WeinWatch, who told us that iPhone 13 Pro will have a matte black colour option. This colour also expects given in iPhone 13 Pro Max. There is a colour variant of Rose Pink colour offered for iPhone 13 Pro Max.

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    A phone shop named @PengPhones indicates that Rose Pink colour will be introduced for the iPhone 13 series. At the same time, it was also told that the iPhone 13 Pro Max offers in Purple colour variant. According to some renders of the phone, the iPhone 13 also might come in an Orange colour. Also, bright orange colour can be given. However, nothing said on how accurate these renders are and how wrong they are when seen. Also, the company has not given any information about this yet.

    Apple also works for a Project Red initiative. In such a situation, there is also being said that the iPhone 13 likely be presented in red colour as well. At the same time, the company provides no plans in discontinuation of the white colour and in such a situation, the iPhone 13 can be offered in white colour.

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