• Mera Ration App; Know your Ration exactly

    This is the latest ration related app of the Central Government. This will help you to know exactly what your ration is.  Mera Ration App is one of the latest apps launched by the Central Government. Mera Ration applications are now available in 32 states and Union Territories of India. But in 2019, these applications were available in only four states. About now, Android users can download these applications through the Play Store. It is possible.


    These applications are called Mera Ration in the Play Store. These applications are only about 25MB in size. Mera Ration applications are currently available in English and Hindi only. You can also call the helpline number 14445 for further assistance.


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    How to use this application?

    1. Download Mera Ration applications from Play Stores first.
    2. Open after opening Mera Ration applications.
    3. The next thing that comes up is the home screen. There are 10 options given in it.
    4. The first option is the option of registration.
    5. You have entered your ration card information. It is possible to register through the option of Registration.
    6. It also has the facility to know the details of the nearest ration shops.
    7. It also makes it possible to know the transactions you have made.

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