• No invitation required, Clubhouse welcomes everyone!

    It had been inviting someone else to use it for more than a year since the Clubhouse was started. Everyone will now be allowed to join Clubhouse, a social audio app. Previously it could only be logged in at the invitation of someone in the clubhouse. In addition, the company announced the new logo and official website. Clubhouse can now be used instantly on both Android and iOS.

    It had been inviting someone else to use it for more than a year since the clubhouse was started. Since its launch for iOS, the current user has been asked to receive an invitation before signing up. Now, this ban has changed. Clubhouse says the ultimate goal is to establish such a forum for all. Anyone who downloads can now use the app directly, that’s it.

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    According to the growth pattern, the Clubhouse team has grown from eight to 58. The number of daily rooms increased from fifty thousand to half a million. Last week, the new backchannel feature showed that 90 million audio rooms were used worldwide. It is also noted that the app records an average of more than an hour of usage per day, and the updated Clubhouse version is available today on iOS and Android. The company has announced that it will provide new updates every 12 weeks.

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