• No more trolling and commenting! ; Here is the new feature introduced by Instagram

    We have also developed new features to give people more control over Instagram. For this, a new feature called Instagram Limitations has been introduced.

    Instagram has introduced new features to get rid of trolling. One can also note public individuals, influencers and people with public accounts are subject to constant trolling every day. This is prevented by giving more restrictions to Instagram users who post the worst things from fake accounts and get away with it easily. Not only trolling but also a feature that prevents the posting of defamatory comments has been released.

    Instagram is a platform one uses for entertainment purposes, but some people troll people and enjoy it. Moreover, they sometimes receive threats to express their views. Instagram says it has a responsibility to make sure everyone feels safe when it comes to Instagram and will not allow hate speech or intimidation. One can find this removed sooner it is found. Instagram says it protects people from this abuse and hears feedback from experts and the community.

    He also developed new features to give people more control over Instagram and a new feature called Instagram Limitations was introduced. It will automatically hide comments and DM requests from people who do not follow it or from recent followers. This is an opt-in feature that users can turn on whenever they feel a rush of abusive comments or DMs.

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    Users can go to Privacy Settings to turn it on or off whenever needed. Instagram said it would warn people who post offensive comments under a picture. So, always one starts posting a defamatory comment under an image, it is to find that Instagram warns you to get the post removed. Instagram says this feature worked because they warned a lot of people last week before posting offensive comments. After having a view of this warning, it is reported that the comment was edited or deleted more than 50 per cent of the time.

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