• OnePlus Nord 2 5G with flagship MediaTek Dimension 1200 CPU

    OnePlus Nord was the smartphone that revolutionized the mid-range price segment. It offers the same flagship-grade user experience as the premium OnePlus devices at a lower price, along with the benefits of Oxygen OS. Now, in 2021, OnePlus is all set to launch the latest device in the ‘Nord’ series.┬áThe OnePlus Nord 2 5G smartphone will be launched soon with the best hardware and exclusive features on the Nord series handsets. Let’s see how OnePlus is ready to change the value flagship smartphone segment with the new Nord handset.

    AI Processing’s masterpiece MediaTek Dimension 1200 SOC OnePlus Nord 2 5G will have the most advanced mobile chipset available in its price segment. The device is powered by the flagship MediaTek Dimension 1200-AI SOC. Built on a 6nm manufacturing process, the heavy-duty octa-core CPU has powerful AM-Cortex-A78 cores operating at 3GHz clock frequency. The chipset also has a free AI processor APU 3.0 and MediaTek’s HyperEngine 3.0 technology to facilitate AI-related operations. OnePlus and MediaTek have teamed up with an intelligent chipset to enable complex image computing and high-intensity task processing on the Nord 2 5G. The AI-based features of the chipset allow you to avoid any interruptions while performing the most complex AI-related tasks. The two brands have worked together for this. As a result, the Nord 2 5G became the first handset to fully integrate the capabilities of MediaTek’s latest AI flagship processor. The joint venture between the two tech companies will further enhance the upcoming MI-based features of the upcoming handset. The Nord 2 comes with a number of AI-based features to enhance the everyday user experience when using the device’s display, camera and software.

    The phone also comes with two exclusive features AI Resolution Boost and AI Color Boost to enhance the display experience. As the name implies, both features use the advanced machine learning features of the inbuilt chipset to enhance the resolution and colour vibration of the on-screen content. This gives the Nord 2 display an unparalleled viewing experience while streaming videos and playing games. OnePlus and MediaTek have been provided with the AI features of the Dimension 1200 SOC to facilitate such features. It should be noted that only Nord 2 can provide such features. For example, the Renault 6 Pro Dimension 1200 runs on SOC itself. But its AI features are not the same as in Nord 2. They are limited to the functionality of the camera.

    The Nord 2 display can provide unparalleled visual feedback even when playing games with intense graphics such as Asphalt 9 and Battlegrounds Mobile India. Its screen creates better visuals than other devices when watching videos on the phone’s native video player and on the popular OT platforms.

    Cameras with state-of-the-art AI support Nord 2 offers a range of intelligent camera features. These features include AI Photo Enhancement, AI Video Enhancement and Nightscape Ultra. Although these features are found in all Dimension 1200 SOC Power handsets, they work differently on Nord 2. The two brands worked together to improve the handset’s photo processing speed and image stability capabilities.

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    The AI-enabled chipset will help provide many other enhancements to the upcoming Nord handset’s camera, audio, gaming and battery performance. Launch OnePlus Nord 2 OnePlus will once again enhance the traditional smartphone launch experience with the Nord 2 launch in augmented reality. Lunchtime You can enjoy the launch event while sitting in the comfort of your living room. In addition, you can participate in the best games and get the new OnePlus Nord 2 smartphone. OnePlus Nord 2 also introduces the Brand Fast & Smooth Challenges as part of the AR experience with the introduction of 5G.

    OnePlus has made it clear that you will face challenges with your willpower and that the people who win will get great prizes. The company has also announced that it will select a few lucky contestants to participate. There are many other rewards for participants. Below are the dates and required details for participating in the OnePlus AR competition. AR Challenge # 1 – July 12 – July 30 The first AR Challenge will host a 90Hz pinball game. Participants through Fast & Smooth Lane

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