• Online Booking of train tickets: Railways came with new rules, everything you need to know

    The new rules come into effect with the train tickets being booked only after verifying the mobile number and email id. For getting train tickets online the concerned authority has formulated certain stringent rules and regulations in order to avoid chaos and genuine authentication of passengers.

    For online railway ticket booking, there should be proper verification of email address and mobile number. Previously there were no such verification methods, however, those who have registered on the site for consecutive tickets do not have such verification. Initially, you will receive an OTP to the mobile number and e-mail provided for online ticket booking. It is now mandatory to undergo such a verification process before purchasing a ticket from the IRCTC portal.

    How can you book a ticket online?

    Tickets are available online through Indian Railways’ IRCTC. For that, you need to register on their website. This requires the creation of a login ID and password on the IRCTC portal. To generate a login password, you must enter an email and phone number. A verification window will then appear.

    You have to enter mobile numbers and register your e-mail address. There are editing options as well as points of verification is available both right and left respectively. If you want to change the details including email and phone number, you can select the edit option and make the necessary changes.

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    You will receive an OTP (One Time Password) to your mobile phone which you entered and a confirmation message for verifying validation of email id . Only, then can you go to the ticketing. Those who buy tickets online should pay attention to this.

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