• Setback for Amazon and Flipkart; The court rejected the demand

    A bench of Justices Satish Sharma and Nataraj Rangaswamy said the probe could not be cancelled and there is a huge setback for both the e-commerce giants. i.e. Flipkart and Amazon. There is a petition gets filed by Amazon and Flipkart and Karnataka High Court has rejected it. This is in seeking quashing of the probe by the Competition Commission of India.

    The Division Bench of the High Court dismissed the petition filed by the Division Bench against the order passed by the Single Bench earlier. CCI, India’s antitrust agency, is investigating a number of key marketing strategies, including the offer sales of two e-commerce giants.

    A bench of Justices Satish Sharma and Nataraj Rangaswamy said one cannot cancel the probe. One can have the probe conducted on allegations as it reduces the business of the small sector in the country. This does not comply with the laws of the country. The CCI is also reportedly investigating allegations that these platforms overemphasize certain products.

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    One may also find that the CCI probe launched in January 2020. Later, the e-commerce companies approached the Karnataka High Court against the inquiry and the single bench ruled that the agency should continue its investigation. With this, the companies approached the division bench against this.

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