• The first tablet version of OnePlus’, OnePlus Pad will be launched soon with OnePlus 10 series phone, see details.

    Premium smartphone company OnePlus may soon launch the first tablet OnePlus Pad along with its upcoming flagship OnePlus 10 Series Smartphones, which will be a premium segment tablet. View details.


    • OnePlus tablet will also come soon.
    • Awaiting the launch of the OnePlus 10 series smartphone.
    • There is no emphasis on OnePlus in terms of looks and features.


    OnePlus Pad and OnePlus 10 series Smartphone Launch Specs: As you know that along with its smartphones, the premium tech company OnePlus, made its mark with wearable smartwatches and smart TVs, and make a way entry to the tablet segment soon and also is about to launch its first tablet OnePlus Pad. Recently, the OnePlus Pad went on revealing the certification site, which proceeds with a discussion and having started with preparations for OnePlus’ first tablet launch is getting launched maybe during the early next year or end of this year. There is a launch of both OnePlus 10 Series Smartphones, OnePlus Pad at the same time.

    When launch?

    During this year, it is noted that OnePlus did launch its own smartwatch brand known as the OnePlus Watch for the first time and it is with the flagship OnePlus 9 series smartphones and is believed that the OnePlus Pad will be launched along with the next flagship smartphone series. However, people are already getting craze about the OnePlus Pad and also is believed that like the premium tabs of Samsung and Apple, the OnePlus Pad also will get great in terms of looks and features.

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    Premium segment tablet

    It also comes into the observation that the OnePlus Pad or OnePlus Tab recently been spotted on the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EQUIPO) certification site. Thus the possible specifications of OnePlus’ first tablet also is known within the coming time and at the moment there will be no information related to it has been revealed. However, while talking about its possible price, it would be launched in the range of 35-40 thousand rupees and in other countries including China and India. As far as now is concerned, if we talk about the upcoming smartphone launch of OnePlus, then there will be a company soon which is going to launch a new smartphone of popular Nord series known as OnePlus Nord 2, 5G in India, and will see advanced cameras and flagship processors.
    During the coming times, OnePlus gives more options to the people through launching a variety of home appliances and also other products which comes along with smartphones, smart TVs, smartwatches and earphone-earbuds segments. At present, there are many other companies which include Xiaomi, Realme, and Samsung in India, that have launched home appliances and many electronic products. There is a lot of good news very soon you can get to hear many from OnePlus.

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