• There is a new world record for fastest Internet and this was from the country Japan

    As work-from-home becomes a new standard for many around the world, the fastest internet speeds are becoming important for such people and therefore a team of engineers in Japan has achieved the fastest ever data transfer using their record-breaking internet speeds. Engineers at the National Institute of Information and Communication Technology (NICT) in Japan have achieved this amazing feat and published it as a research paper at the International Conference on Optical Fiber Communication, which took effect on June 6-11.

    As noted in the research, the NICT team recorded a speed of 319 terabytes (TB / s) per second for data transfer over a distance of about 3,000 km. This new technology surpasses the old Internet speed by using a 4-core optical fiber with a standard outer diameter of 0.125 mm to transmit data using light instead of the usual copper cables of 178 TB / sec for faster data transfer to incorporate new speeds into observation.

    For this, a 552 channel laser team operating at different wavelengths was used. An experimental system of a recirculating transmission loop using two types of rare-earth-doped fiber amplifiers was performed. Special amplifiers helped to increase the size and speed of the Internet. The team recorded fast data transfer over a distance of 3000 km without any loss of performance. Engineers claim that standard optical fiber cables used for Wi-Fi in homes can also support this technology, but some modifications may be needed.

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    The team still believes it can achieve even faster speeds, and the team is now working on ways to further improve broadcasting. Researchers at University College London broke the record twice as fast as using 178 Tbps. 319 Tbps in the extraordinary speed of the internet. This means that 57,000 full-length movies can be downloaded in a second. All of Spotify’s catalogues can be downloaded in less than three seconds with 319 Tbps.

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    The 2020 report claims that the fastest mobile broadband speed in the world is 100 Mbps, which is in South Korea. The same report claims that the fixed-line broadband speeds of 2015 Mbps are in Singapore! Hong Kong and Romania reaching speeds of 210.73 Mbps and 194.47 Mbps, respectively. Internet speeds in India are excellent, with 38.19 Mbps for stable broadband and 12.16 Mbps for mobile connections.

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