• Truecaller Will Now Explain Reason For Incoming Call With Call Reason Feature

    Truecaller has also included the call reason feature inside its Caller ID app so that users will be able to know in advance why they are being called. Truecaller says that many feedback messages are coming about the new feature. The call region feature is being released globally for Android users, and it is not clear when iOS users will start getting this feature.

    With the new update,  Truecaller will tell users before the call why someone is calling them and this will let users know how important the incoming call is. Truecaller wrote in its blog post, “First we suggested who and now we will tell why?

    The company also stated that, in 2021, the priority customers of Truecaller will start receiving know reason feature and verified businesses will be able to reach the customers easily.

    How to use Truecaller Call Reason Feature

    Truecaller will now allow you to know the reason for the call on any incoming call so that users will know whether the call is private or is being made for some other reason. The new feature will be introduced at 11.30 version of Truecaller for Android users. It is not yet known when iOS users will start getting the call region feature.

    Callers will be given three custom regions before calling. Apart from this, callers on the app can also add a new region on every call. Currently, users can only add a custom region as well as write a new reason.

    Why part has been solved in the Call Reason feature. The feature will be available only for Truecaller users and Android users can use it only.

    The company has also introduced two new features SMS Schedule and SMS Translate. The scheduling feature allows users to set reminders before setting up messages and to quickly translate messages in the Translate feature app itself.

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