• Twitter employees still can work from home

    Twitter says it is unlikely the offices will open before September and many employees will be able to work from home as long as they are interested, even after the Covid lockdown.

    Twitter was one of the first companies to switch to work-from-home style due to the coronavirus lockdown. Twitter said the practice was a “huge success”.

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    The decision applies to more than 4,000 employees working at Twitter’s international offices. Twitter also said it had abandoned all of the high-profile events the office was supposed to hold this year.

    We have proven that for months we can work from home. Twitter says that if employees like to work from home and they want it to continue forever, we will implement it.

    Twitter said it would not open offices before September and would only do so if all necessary precautions were taken if there was a need to reopen.

    Google and Facebook allowed most employees to work from home until the end of the year.

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