• WhatsApp Update: How Can You Change Group Privacy Settings?

    WhatsApp – here is how to change group privacy settings? You can opt-out of any contact after selecting the “Except My Contacts” option.

    WhatsApp allows anyone with your phone number to send you a message or add you to a group. If you have contact information, it’s like sending you an SMS or email to anyone. But, if anonymous users do not want to join you in a group, you can change the privacy settings.

    Your WhatsApp group privacy system is set to “for everyone” by default. The company says this will make it easier to connect with people who are not on your contacts list. Privacy-conscious users gain the ability to control who can be added to a group by changing WhatsApp settings.

    However, the changes you make to group privacy settings are “not possible on the WhatsApp web or desktop. But, it will be synced from your phone to WhatsApp Web and Desktop in the settings ”.

    How to change group privacy settings?

    All WhatsApp users of Android type phones can do this by visiting the Settings section> Account> Privacy> Groups. iPhone users can go to Settings> Account> Privacy> Groups. When you click on the Groups section, you will see three options, including “Everyone,” “My Contacts” and “My Contacts”.

    The first option is that anyone, including those outside your phone’s address book contacts, can add you to groups without your permission. The second option is to have the contacts listed in your phone’s address book add you to groups without your consent.

    “If an admin who is not in your phone’s address book tries to add you to a group, they will get a pop-up saying they can not add you. Also, click invite to group or click Continue. WhatsApp says you can use the send button to send an individual group call through a private chat. Users will have three days to accept the call before it expires.

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