• Xiaomi tops smartphone market, OnePlus in premium segment, changed images

    According to a Counterpoint report, India’s smartphone exports grew by 82 per cent in the second quarter. But in April and May, the market fell 14 per cent due to the Covid-19 waves. Despite the challenges posed by the second wave of Covid-19, the Indian smartphone market is booming. In the second quarter of 2021, exports crossed 33 million, according to research firm Counterpoint Research. As per the sources and the facts, it is noted that Xiaomi remains the number one player in the overall smartphone market, OnePlus leads the premium segment (Rs 30,000 and above) with a 34 per cent share. However, demand increased in June as restrictions were lifted and stores reopened. Offline-focused brands suffered a setback in April and May as consumers preferred to shop online and Chinese dominance in the Indian smartphone market continues with them providing currently a market share of 79%.

    While Xiaomi exported the Redmi 9 Series and Redmi Note 10 Series, Samsung exported the Galaxy M Series and F Series. The share of 5G smartphones has been steadily rising, exceeding 14 per cent in the quarter ended June. Realme is the best 5G smartphone brand with a 23% stake, followed by OnePlus. Xiaomi leads the Redmi 9 Series and Redmi Note 10 series with a market share of 28%. According to Counterpoint, four out of five of the top-selling models are from Xiaomi. These include the Redmi 9A, Redmi 9 Power, Redmi Note 10 and Redmi 9. However, the Redmi 9A continues to be one of the best-selling budget phones of the last three quarters.

    In addition, Xiaomi’s efforts in the premium segment seem to be beginning to bear fruit, with the company capturing more than 7% of this segment. Counterpoint records that POCO has tripled its growth this quarter. POCO is a special brand from Xiaomi India. Up to 66 per cent of this sub-brand product is exported. It also reached its highest online share this quarter. Vivo is third with an annual growth rate of 61% and its share in the premium segment rose to 12 per cent.

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    Realme is the fourth brand on the list with an annual growth of 140%, and the brand’s 5G series has helped it grow even further. It has become the fastest-growing brand in India with over 50 million smartphone exports.

    In the premium segment, Apple grew by 144 per cent. It is a flagship phone in the Ultra Premium segment with over Rs 45,000 and a share of over 49%. Counterpoint attributed the growth to strong demand for the iPhone 11 and iPhone 12.

    At the same time, OnePlus saw annual growth of nearly 200 per cent, and the OnePlus 9 Series, which launched in May, was their biggest gain. OnePlus has been ranked third among the top five smartphone models in the premium market in India, making it the top 5G smartphone brand with a 48% share in the premium segment.

    In the budget segment, transition group brands, including Italy, Infinix and Techno, tripled their growth. They account for about 7% of the total smartphone market. Italy continues to be the flagship smartphone brand in the Rs 6,000 band.

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