• You can charge your phone at your fingertips! Amazing discovery


    The prototype device has not yet begun to be commercially produced. Researchers at the University of California, San Diego, say that in order to power a smartphone, you have to wear it regularly for about three weeks.

    You do not need electricity to charge your phone and your body is full of science. One can generate electricity is from the white particles on the fingertips. Scientists tend to develop a thin and wearable strip that generates electricity from the hands even while sleeping. Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, claim that a new wearable device, like a plaster. One can wrap this around the finger and used it in collecting sweat and generate electricity.

    The commercial production of the prototype devices has not yet begun. Researchers at the University of California, San Diego, say that it takes about three weeks to power a smartphone and they found that wearing it for 10 hours would generate enough energy to last for 24 hours or 400 milligrams. This is from a fingertip. The researchers said that strapping the devices to the rest of the fingertips would generate 10 times more energy.

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    The team explained that this strip is using a passive mechanism to generate electricity from the moisture on your fingertips. This is because the fingertips are the most sweat part of the body. Therefore, one can process into conductors for a smart sponge material and a new wearable device wrapped around the finger-like plaster by the researcher. This will then collect sweat while you sleep and use it in generating electricity.

    Thus the energy could be used to power useful electronics such as sensors and displays and work is underway to make it more efficient and durable. If successful, the chargers will no longer have to rely on anything else.

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