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    Twitter India MD relocates to US

    It is noteworthy that Twitter has not announced anyone new to the position of MD in

    Good news for YouTube users; Got a new feature?

    The new feature will allow users to skip longer chapters on YouTube videos. Users can easily

    No more trolling and commenting! ; Here is the new feature introduced by Instagram

    We have also developed new features to give people more control over Instagram. For this, a

    Here is the feature that users have been waiting for on WhatsApp; let’s move on and see what’s next

    The company has announced that it will introduce the ability to move the entire WhatsApp chat

    Shahin Komath, a Malayalee, has been appointed as the Twitter Nodal Officer

    The appointment of Shahin Komath was announced on Twitter in an affidavit filed in the Delhi

    Is ‘Pegasus’ on the iPhone leaking information?; You can find it in an easiest way

    This app called iMazing works on both Mac and Windows. You can use it in finding

    Beware of those who are active on Instagram; Quotation groups are active to hit your account!

    They charge a fee of $ 3,500 to $ 4,000 to restore the account. Many people

    LinkedIn’s 70 million people reportedly leaked

    Western tech sites report that the ad for the sale of data appeared on June 22nd.

    WhatsApp with a new feature in the chat archive

    For users, this provides more control over their inbox and the convenience of organizing the archived

    That gigantic feature ‘View Once’ came on WhatsApp; Check if you got it.!

    WhatsApp confirms a photo or video which is sent with the ‘View Once’ feature and will