• 5 Fresh Website Design Ideas to Make Websites Impressive

    5 Fresh Website Design Ideas to Make Websites Impressive

    The design of your website lasts the first impression on the visitors. If your website has a responsive, clean and clear design, more than 95% of the visitors will try to read the content on your website. It is also estimated that the design of a website can also improve the sales of the business website. Therefore, you must incorporate the modern design in your website. Most of the webmasters don’t have enough idea about the modern designs of the websites. They should keep reading this article. Here, we will discuss five fresh website design ideas that you can use to make your website impressive.


    White Space:

    Nowadays, simple website designs are more attracting and fascinating than complex website designs. Therefore, you should choose such design for your website that is offering a tide of the purposeful white space. The white space in your website’s design will be helpful for the visitors to move through your website. It is also helpful for the visitors to navigate through all the elements of your website. This kind of simple design of a website creates a visual hierarchy. It means that all the elements of a website will be distinguished. If you are clicking on a specific element of a website, it will not distract the whole structure of your website. The white spaces on the website will not last enough burden on the eyes of the viewers. As a result, the viewers will try to spend more time on your website than usual. The white spaces in the design of your website are also helpful for the visitors to find the most important information on your website. We can also say that it is also the best design to improve the user experience of your website.


    Playful Cursors:

    Most of the modern websites have introduced a new feature of cursors for visitors. This new feature is helpful for these websites to provide the new viewing experience to modern websites. As a webmaster, if you want to fascinate the viewers with your website design, you should also introduce the same feature on your website. With the help of the simple coding, you can easily introduce the playful cursor in your website. The webmasters can also change the design and shape of the cursor with the help of the same coding. This cursor will show different photos on your website in the form of animations. Along with showing these pictures, it will also ring the piano tone. Most of the visitors to your website will be fascinated. As a result, they will try to spend more time than usual by floating their cursor to the navigation menu. If visitors are spending more time on your website, this thing will provide lots of benefits to your website. It is the best way to decrease the bounce rate of your website. While introducing the playful cursor in your website, you should use the unique elements.

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    Grid Design:

    This design has become the most popular web design. Most of the webmasters are creating their websites by using this web design. The most important benefit of this web design is that it is providing asymmetric layout to the visitors. There is plenty of white space in this design. The style of this web design is also minimalist. With the help of this minimalist style, the webmasters can easily show the images of their projects. The asymmetric design of the website is helpful for them to keep their websites fresh and exciting. The asymmetric design of a website can also increase the engagement rate of a website. Most of the web designers are introducing this kind of design by using the CSS Grid Layout. This kind of layout has all the abilities to print the layout of a website. After enabling this kind of design on your website, you can also provide a responsive design to the users. It means that your website will provide the same experience to the users on all the devices without distracting the layout of your website. Moreover, this kind of web design will also ensure the consistency design of your website on all the devices.


    Colour Trends:

    A research by a dissertation help firm shows that most of the modern websites are also exploring the colour pallets on their websites. For this reason, they try to introduce a new colour pallet in each year. In 2018, the yellow colour was in trend. In 2019, the blue colour was in trend. In 2020, WGSN is in trend. That’s why most of the web designers are also following this trend. You can also follow these colouring trends on your website. When you will introduce these colouring trends in your website, these colouring trends will provide a new look to your visitors. Before introducing the new colour on your website, you should understand the psychology of the colours. After understanding the psychology of the colours, you should try to introduce that colour on your website which is more fascinating for the visitors. Anyhow, these colours should be soft and cool. These colours should provide the best view for the visitors.


    Increased Focus On User Experience:

    Due to the latest updates of Google, the modern websites are trying to introduce those designs on their website that is providing the best user experience to the visitors. The user experience of modern websites should be smooth, uninterrupted and engaging. It means that you should not introduce anything complex on your website. While introducing the smooth and uninterrupted design on your website, you will have to pay attention to different factors. First, the design of your website should not decrease the loading speed of your website. It is possible only if you are introducing the simple coding in your website. Secondly, it should have little clutter. It means that you should introduce white spaces in the design of your website. Thirdly, it should have enough space to show the multimedia in the content of your website. The multimedia is also playing a vital role in increasing the user experience of your website. If your website design has all of these qualities, you can readily use it on your website.

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