• Development Trends of E-commerce in 2021

    The 21st century is known as the century of the digital era. Science and technology are exploding and developing constantly. This has a huge impact on social life in all fields. The most prominent is the field of e-commerce in the world. So how does the development of e-commerce happen and what trends in the current context? Together we will find the answer to this problem.

    1. The development of world e-commerce


    1.1. E-commerce

    A few years ago, online shopping with mobile devices was seen as the exception rather than the rule. However, in the present, this has changed. The percentage of purchases made via mobile devices has reached 25%. Each year this segment grows much faster than the others. This means that if your store doesn’t adapt to the trend, you will lose 25% of your buyers.


    In addition, Google has announced new rules in the website ranking algorithm. It depends on optimizing the website for mobile devices. These trends call for the use of mobile technologies at an advanced level. Including geolocation and other prospect ideas.


    1.2. Big data (Big data)

    At the present time, most of the largest stores will collect and analyze a large amount of different information about their customers. Nowadays we can gather information from many different sources such as computers; phones; websites… From each source, there will be different data to be collected. It could be behavior; click; average purchase size; Other parameters…


    1.3. User personalization

    Nowadays with the growth of big data, anyone’s store can be configured very precisely. Technologies have been able to not only understand their customers but also predict their behavior.


    1.4. Socializing e-commerce

    E-commerce becomes social when people influence others before making purchasing decisions. Technology including social media integration, web stores, customer data, etc.


    The development and current trends of world e-commerce


    1.5. Shipping service Shipping

    Fast and free shipping, which is a big factor in today’s e-commerce. Customers are no longer interested in your problem is the biggest anymore. What they care about is speed and price. Therefore, fast and free shipping is the best way to gain customer trust.


    2. E-commerce development trend in the world today

    2.1. Buy directly through social networks


    You will not reach your target customers if they do not see your advertising message. No matter how perfect your marketing strategy is. Therefore, interacting with users is very important. According to a report from market research company GlobalWebIndex; If your customers are online, then 1/3 of their time is spent on social media.


    So if you don’t sell on social media, you lose your own opportunity and no one else’s. Integrate your shopping platform on direct social channels like Facebook; Instagram; Snapchat… and similar features help customers know your website.


    2.2. VR/AR technology takes the throne

    The types of technology that create a virtual reality environment are not yet widely accepted. However, both AR and VR are making solid strides in the world e-commerce field.


    With the help of AR/VR, shoppers will be much more convenient. They don’t just get to see pictures; videos but also can observe and try the product from many different angles. Therefore, this form is expected to enhance the shopping experience. At the same time, contribute to changing user behavior in the future.


    2.3. Amazon – new advertising channel


    After 2 decades of establishment and development, no one can deny the rapid development of Amazon. Currently, Amazon has become the world’s largest trading company, widely distributed in 220 countries and territories. According to a report, only in the US market, 70% of shoppers will directly visit this retail channel to search for products. Even when they want to buy from another website, 80% of users still read reviews and compare prices at Amazon.


    Amazon also creates a potential affiliate marketing network with many partner support programs. One of the effective programs of partners when attracting customers to Amazon is promotions. Coupons and discounts always bring special stimulation to buyers. If businesses know how to exploit these things, they will be successful soon.


    The company’s sheer size and data make it a thought-provoking choice for advertising. If Facebook could know much about user concerns. Or Google knows what customers search for. Amazon owns the data about the things they actually buy.


    The world’s e-commerce has been, and will continue to develop, following various trends. The competition in this field is also becoming more and more fierce. However, it is undeniable that e-commerce is really the trend of the future for businesses in the current context.

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