• Front-End Development Is Still In Demand – Here Is Why

    Front-End Development Is Still In Demand - Here Is Why

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    The job discipline on web development is now in high demand. The increase in internet usage is the main reason for this particular department.

    Web development itself is the process of building and maintaining a website that includes all the work to create a fast-performing and great-look website.

    One of the disciplines behind the work of web dev is front-end development. It is the practice of designing the interface through coding languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The front-end is where users see and interact on a website.

    Meanwhile, another discipline that works closely with front-end developers is back-end development. It is the process of rendering the server side of a website that focuses on how the sites work. Unlike the former discipline, users cannot directly interact with the back-end side.

    Skill Needed for Front-End Developers

    Front-end developers must at least build their skills on these three paths. Additional skill is also prominent to make a better front-end developer since they work closely with designing a website.

    1. HTML
    2. CSS
    3. JavaScript


    Additional skills include:

    1. UX & UI Study
    2. Design
    3. SEO
    4. Web Analytics


    Overall, JavaScript has become a broad language for both front-end and back-end development. The key to being successful in this job is to strengthen the JavaScript language with other libraries such as MySQL, NoSQL, and SQLite.

    However, there is a shift from desktop usage to mobile applications. Users are now using mobile phones for their daily activities; thus, the possibility of raising mobile app development is seemingly high. Therefore, there is an increasing concern about whether front-end development has a bright future with massive smartphone sales.

    The truth is not many mobile apps are truly adapted for users. For instance, Windows apps are not viable enough, and Mac desktop apps have not much users’ adoption. Hence, users still deeply rely on the website to get information. 

    This fact is where front-end developers come to the rescue. It is the front-end developer’s job to create a mobile-friendly website that retains the users.

    Why Front-End Development Is Still Highly in Demand

    Here are why front-end developers’ jobs are still in demand despite the presence of mobile apps on smartphones. 

    #1. Excessive Use of Smartphones

    As surfing on the internet has become the way to get information faster, it is not foreign when users stumble upon many websites on the search page. It leads to the main job of front-end developers to create such an interesting site to visit.

    Therefore, front-end developers must create a mobile-friendly website to ease the users while getting the information. Since the interface of desktop sites and mobile sites are different, the coding will change the layout based on the pixelation of the mobile phone.

    #2. The Rise of Start-Ups

    The trend of a start-up is increasing over the past decades. Many ranges of niche dominating the market, from the ride-hailing industry to IoT. Start-ups begin to floor on the stock exchange and plan for IPO. 

    With this data, it is positive to say that these raising start-ups need a website to provide information to the public. Start-up companies require a “user-centric” approach to drive business and products. 

    This part is where front-end developers get their gig. They work closely with UX designers to make this approach come true. 

    #3. Website Is Still Relevant

    First off, the website is not going anywhere soon. It is the thing users see whenever they type for a certain keyword on a search box. The search result page (SERP) will show websites with credibility and relevance on the first page.

    In order to make the website sit on the first page of SERPs, it is crucial for front-end developers to understand SEO and web analytics as a recommendation while building the interface. 

    For example, inducing the layout for video marketing will help increase website rank due to a great interface and the presence of the video.

    #4. Companies’ Successful Branding

    The key to companies’ successful branding is their online representation with a website. More often than not, when users run into a company website, they would instantly judge the company’s credibility just by the look of its website. 

    It will leave a bad impression when the site itself cannot entice the users to get to know further.

    Therefore, it is essential for companies to start investing in fixing their dull website. A sophisticated interface and content will help the site to rank better on the SERP. 

    Moreover, brand logos, designs, and products work effectively on a well-performing website. These trademarks are important for companies’ branding.


    With thousands of job listings for front-end developers, it is safe to say that this discipline is still in high demand. Front-end development is one of the crucial parts of web development that creates a great interface and a well-performing website.

    Besides, the website is not going anywhere soon. In fact, it goes stronger with the current landscape, where users spend most of their time on the internet. 

    The only thing that may happen is that front-end development evolves alongside the development of the internet. But, front-end development will still be relevant today and in the next few years.


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