• Top 3 Most Effective Robotics Classes For Kids: Review

    Online robotics classes are such a great way to improve your kids at a very young age. But, here is a challenging part “choosing robotics courses”. Everyone who plans to take up robotics classes faces this challenge and gets worried.


    If you are also one of those, now you don’t need to worry. Just go through this article and you will probably be able to choose one platform for robotics classes. Here you will get a list of the top 3 most effective robotics classes for kids

    Robotics Classes For Kids

    1. Robokidz

    Robokidz is having the three most effective and practical courses for your kid.


    The first course is Autobot basic level. This is a basic level course, your kid will learn to build autonomous robots. They will be coding in an open software scratch and with the help of this, your kid will gain the ability to build a robot on their own and watch it running live. (Suitable for age 10+ and you will also get a robotics kit).


    The second course is Autobot Intermediate Level 1. In this course, along with learning to build robots, they will teach to make automation projects such as the system for monitoring temperature, automatic tool booth, and many more. (Suitable for age 10+ and you will get an add-on sensor kit.


    The third course is Autobot Intermediate Level 2 which is coming soon on Robokidz. In this, you will learn to build advanced open-source sensors such as weather monitoring systems, smart irrigation systems, and detectors for gas leakage. (Suitable for 10+ age kids and you will get an add-on sensor kit).

    2. Tops Technologies 

    Tops technologies provide one of the best robotics classes for kids (from basic to advance). They have taught 100K students successfully. They follow a DIY procedure to help students in learning from their mistakes. In the sessions of their course, your kids will learn the debugging robotic operational error, setting up part of the robot, and robotic codes’ logic generation. Tops technology provides live effective classes that engage students very well.


    3. Skyfi Labs

    Skyfi labs is also providing three courses that could be very beneficial to kids. Here is what you will get in these three courses:

    • The 1st robotics course’s name is Robotics Starter. This could be most fitting for those who are beginners in robotics. (Suitable for 8+ age of kids)
    • The 2nd one is Robotics Explorer. This is one is the fantabulous choice for developing expertise in robotics. (Suitable for 10+ age of kids)
    • The 3rd one is Robotics Champion. This course will assist the kid in mastering robotics. (For 14+ age of kids)



    So, this was the article on the top 3 online robotics classes for kids. Now, I hope you have finalized one course for your kid. If you still haven’t found it yet, don’t worry, take your time and choose the one that fits all the aspects that you prefer. 


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