• Ambrane Launches New Trimmers & Grooming Kit Ranges, Starting Price 1200 INR

    Ambrane Trimmer

    Ambrane, a leading brand known for lifestyle accessories in India, has expanded its range of products in the personal care segment. The company has launched portable multi-purpose grooming kits on Amazon and Flipkart. This is a one-stop solution to meet all types of grooming needs. Both these products come with a 365-day warranty.

    Ambrane Crusader Mini is a multipurpose grooming kit of high technology, priced at Rs 1699. It is designed with a strong grip and rubber finish for use. It also has two heads, which can be separated. It comes with 10 different settings to style the beard, moustache and hair very well. It can be run for more than 60 minutes.

    It has a strong lithium battery of 600 mAh. This trimmer can be run with a cord or without a cord. This kit can be easily carried with you even during travel. This Cruiser Mini comes with a portable and stylish storage tray so this kit enables you to instantly style, trim and shaves your hair, moustache and beard.

    The Aura-S trimmer is a convenient solution to meet all your grooming needs, to set your hair, beard and moustache at home in a well-crafted and attractive manner. It comes with 20 different length settings and two separate combs. With a powerful battery, it provides 90 minutes of shaving and trimming in a cordless manner without any hassle. Equipped with an IPX7 waterproof rating, this trimmer has been priced at Rs 1499. A new product in this grooming range is the Aura-X trimmer.

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    It comes with 17 different length settings and a rotating comb adjusted to suit your needs. It has a rotating 0.5 mm to 10 mm comb for adjustment of long and short hair. Its blades have been brilliantly designed, which accurately and easily does hair trimming or shaving. There is no cut and scratch in it. This trimmer comes with a smart LED light.

    Its charging is very fast, which lasts for 2 hours. The Aura-X trimmer has been priced at Rs 1299. It gives you a great salon experience at home. With the launch of new grooming products in the personal care range, Ambrane is expanding its portfolio to meet the needs of individual consumers. Now the products of the category of grooming in men are increasing rapidly.

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