• Android VoIP Apps That Can Be Used on Smartphone

    The apps that bring alternative phone services to your smartphones are android VoIP apps. By using an Android VoIP app, you can make calls from your phones. When you will make calls by using these apps, you just need to pay for the 3G or 4G data. You don’t need to pay local call charges. As we know that most people are using android phones. That’s why they are not dependent on mobile networks as they were in the past. People are using mobile data to make these calls. Moreover, they can also make these calls by using Wi-Fi. This kind of technological advancement has allowed us to talk to people over the internet in the same way as they talk to people over the mobile phone. Here, we will discuss the best android VoIP apps that you can use on smartphones.



    It is the most famous Android VoIP app in the world. The users can easily create a free account on this app by using their mobile numbers. After creating an account on WhatsApp, they can send text messages and visuals. They can also make video and audio calls. It is a rock-solid platform and almost all people are using it. That’s why you can easily make calls by using this app. Along with making audio and video calls; it also supports multimedia and attaches the files. To use this app, you will have to connect to an internet connection.


    Facebook Messenger:

    If you are using the internet, you are well aware of social media websites. Research shows that Facebook is the most popular social media website in the world. Facebook is also providing an opportunity to the users to make video and audio calls. They just need to download the Facebook messenger. To use Facebook messenger for making video and audio calls, they can use the login details of their Facebook account. Just like WhatsApp, you can also use it to send files, text messages and other multimedia. If you want to make clear audio and video calls, you should use a fast internet connection. It will not work well on the slower internet connection. This app uses lots of resources. That’s why it will not work well on older or lower devices. Anyhow, you can use Messenger Lite on the older or lower resources.



    It is also one of the most famous Android VoIP apps. You can use it by using an actual phone number. The most important benefit of this app is that you can use it to make cross-platform calls. It means that you can make landline calls or you can send messages on the phones. Anyhow, it is not a free app. If you want to use this app, you will have to pay $9.99/year. After paying $9.99/year, you will get an opportunity to make unlimited calls and to send unlimited messages. You can use this app only in the US and Canada. This app also provides an actual phone number to make calls. Along with smartphones, you can also use this app on the PC.



    It is one of the oldest players in Android VoIP services. Skype has been providing VoIP services to users since 2003. It is helpful for users to make video calls even before the existence of smartphones. Nowadays, you can also use it on smartphones to make video and audio calls. Along with making video and audio calls, you can also use it to send SMS and multimedia. It works well on the desktop. Anyhow, android users can use the lite version of this app. This version will work well on android devices.


    Viber Messenger:

    Viber is newer than Skype but it is competing with Skype. You can also use it as anAndroid VoIP app on your android phone. Along with android phones, you can also use them on other platforms too. It is offering lots of features to the users. For example, users can make video and audio calls. They can enjoy the most important features of chats and group chats. By using its subscription model, you can make landline calls. When we compare the functionalities of Skype and Viber, we know that it is the complete replacement of Skype. Therefore, you can easily use it on your android phone.


    Google Duo:

    Recommended by a dissertation help firm, it is one of the newest apps on the Android VoIP apps list. No doubt, it is a new app but it has generated a huge number of user base. It is part of the Google apps suite. That’s why it comes as a pre-installed app on most android phones. The most important benefit of this app is that you can make audio and video calls even on a slower internet connection. Anyhow, you can’t use this app to make chats or send multimedia. You can use it only for making video and audio calls.


    Signal Private Messenger:

    While using Android VoIP apps, users have to face the problems of privacy. If privacy is your priority while using VoIP apps, it is the best choice for you. The main concern of this app is the privacy of the users. By using this app, you can easily enhance the privacy and security of your chats and calls. The most important benefit of this app is that it is free to use. It means that you don’t need to pay money to make your chats and calls private.


    Vonage Mobile:

    The users can also use this app to make video and audio calls. You can easily make video and audio calls by using this app on mobile data as well as on the WiFi. If you will use its services among Vonage users, they will never charge money. The users can also use its free services to make domestic calls in the US. Anyhow, if they want to make domestic calls outside of the US, they will have to buy its credits. They can also buy these credits within the app. You don’t need to worry about its credits. Its reason is that its rates are lower than the similar apps in the list.

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