• Apple for the first time showed two New iPhones

    Apple fans saw at the presentation on September 10 for the first time two new models of the popular iPhone smartphone – the flagship iPhone 5S and multicoloured iPhone 5C. Still, this year Apple failed to keep secret almost any features of the device, so the company could not surprise the market.


    The new flagship iPhone 5S will receive a Touch ID fingerprint scanner on the Home button, and will also be available, in addition to dark grey and white, in gold. The size and weight of the device remained similar to the iPhone 5, which Apple will stop producing and selling. According to Apple, the iPhone 5 will replace the iPhone 5C model costing from $550 in the United States. The letter “C” in its name means the word colourful (“coloured”) – Apple will release the device in five multicoloured cases.


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    Meanwhile, while the new flagship iPhone 5S is notable for several technological innovations, Apple’s “ou” effect is unlikely to be achieved. Several competing Android-smartphones already have exceeding iPhone 5S specifications, and therefore the device will have a severe struggle for customers’ wallets in the pre-holiday season. In turn, the iPhone 5C will not be as budget-like as expected, and it will be challenging to conquer emerging markets.


    Perhaps that is why the stock market reacted ambiguously to the presentation of Apple – the company’s shares during the event fell to 489.5 dollars, although the day before were traded at the level of 506-507 dollars. At the same time, in the first hour after the presentation, Apple securities played back part of the fall.


    The iPhone 5S Golden Antelope


    The attention of fans of Apple and the mobile market as a whole on Tuesday was focused on the principal announcement of the year for the company – a new generation of iPhone smartphone, due to which Apple gets most of its profits.


    The iPhone 5S has its predecessor dimensions of 123.8 x 58.6 x 7.6 mm, as well as a weight of 112 grams and a four-inch screen with a resolution of 1136 by 640 points. The A7, The Most Productive of Apple’s mobile chips, is a novelty, allowing you to shoot up to 10 frames per second in serial shooting, as well as 720p video at 120 frames per second. The iPhone 5S is powered by a 64-bit platform that can be compared to desktop systems and for which all built-in software features have been completely redesigned.


    Apple for the first time showed two New iPhones

    The smartphone also saved the camera in 8 megapixels, although some experts predicted that Apple would improve it to 13 megapixels – the indicator of the leading Android smartphones. At the same time, the iPhone 5S camera received an improved matrix (sensor increased by 15%), a five-lens lens, and dual-LED lighting.


    Of the unusual innovations, the iPhone 5S has a Touch ID fingerprint scanner built into the Home button. Whether the technology, the analogue of which has not gained wide popularity on laptops, will attract the attention of users will show the feedback of first customers.


    The M7 chip is built into the smartphone to track movement. By collecting data from the accelerometer, compass, and gyroscope, it will be able to determine whether the user is in the same place, whether he is driving or driving. With it, Apple intends to improve the performance of several programs, including navigation and fitness applications.


    The iPhone 5S’s standby time has increased by 250 hours, with Wi-Fi or LTE still running for up to 10 hours. The device supports GPS and Glonass technology.


    Breaking the tradition, Apple will release the iPhone 5S not only in white and dark grey (almost black) colours but also in the case of gold. Whether the iPhone in the new colour for Apple is a kind of “golden antelope” capable of bringing additional profits, will show sales and, perhaps, shortages of specific modifications in the Apple Store and salons of retailers.


    The cost of the iPhone 5S without a contract in the U.S. will be 649, 749 and 849 dollars, respectively, for models with 16, 32 and 64GB of built-in memory. The same amount after last year’s presentation cost the previous smartphone iPhone 5. With a two-year contract, the smartphone will cost $450 cheaper in the U.S. for each model.


    iPhone 5S sales in the United States and eight other countries will begin on September 20. For the first time, China entered the “first wave” countries, Russia is not among them. Another 100 countries will begin sales in December.


    Junior iPhone 5C


    The technological characteristics of the iPhone 5C – the much-anticipated market “budget” model of the smartphone – are almost identical to the iPhone 5. The device features a four-inch Retina display, an A6 processor, an 8-megapixel camera and LTE network support. The smartphone has an improved FaceTime HD camera for video calls.


    However, the body of the iPhone 5C is not made of metal and glass, but from a polycarbonate reinforced with a steel frame, which also acts as an antenna. The smartphone will be released in five variants of colour – green, white, blue, pink and yellow. According to the company, the background picture of the smartphone will be adjusted to the colour of the case.


    The younger model of the iPhone 5C was not as budget-high as predicted by the media. Without a contract in the U.S., models with 16 and 32GB of memory will cost $550 and $650 respectively – just $100 less than the flagship smartphone. With the contract of American operators, the smartphone will cost 99 and 199 dollars, respectively.


    According to Apple, the iPhone 5C, which will also be released on September 20, will replace last year’s model iPhone 5, which will be withdrawn from sale for the first time in Apple practice. The iPhone 4 will also disappear from stores. The 2011 iPhone 4S model will remain and will be offered to customers for free with the operator’s contract. However, how Apple intends to position the iPhone 5C in developing countries is not yet clear – for example, in China, according to the price in the online store Apple Store, the smartphone will cost about 733 dollars.


    Software bonuses


    In terms of software stuffing, Apple did not disappoint. Both new smartphones will run on the new iOS 7 branded platform, the final version of which will be released on September 18. At the same time, the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5, the third- and fourth-generation iPad, iPad mini and iPod touch of the fifth generation will be able to get an upgrade to iOS 7. A little later, according to the head of the company Tim Cook, Apple will make it available for the iPhone 4 and iPad 2.


    The new OS has more than 200 new features. Email and tweeting features are greatly simplified. With AirDrop, you can communicate freely with people nearby via P2P Wi-Fi.


    As a big bonus, Apple has offered free access to the iWork suite of apps. As a result, formerly paid programs – Pages text editor, Spreadsheet Numbers, Keynote Presentation Program, and iPhoto and iMovie Photo and Movie Software – will be free for new iOS device buyers.


    Together with iOS 7, the company will release the previously announced iTunes Radio music service, which will allow you to listen to music in streaming mode, create your own “radio stations” and edit playlists. The service will be free for users, but the music will be accompanied by advertising, and iTunes Match subscribers will not have to listen to the advertising.


    Recall, last year after the presentation of the iPhone 5 Apple shares were able to set a historical record of 705 dollars. Whether the company was convincing enough in the production of its updated line of smartphones, will show both the quotes of its shares in the coming days and reports on the sales of the iPhone in the first weekend and for the pre-holiday quarter. Apple needs to accelerate – by the end of the month, the company expects sales of 700 million devices on its mobile iOS platform. In contrast, the number of Android device activations has already exceeded 1 billion.


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