• Here are six reasons why Google may be tempted to buy the Pixel

    The great thing about a Pixel is its unlimited storage. Unlike other handsets, Pixel phones do not have a data cap for backing up photos to the cloud. Photos taken will be preserved in their original quality and will not be compressed automatically to save space.

    Need a smartphone with Google Photos, Gmail and Google Drive? If so, a pixel might be the right choice. You can choose between Pixel 3XL, Pixel 4A and Pixel 5. Not only a great camera and luxury hardware but also software is great.

    Photos taken will be preserved in their original quality and will not be compressed automatically to save space. The scope of this benefit varies depending on the pixel that captures the image: even the first-pixel phone released in 2016 can upload photos in real quality.

    Pixel phones, including the recently released Pixel 5 and Pixel 4A5G, allow unlimited quality photo uploads.

    Unfortunately, the last to benefit from unlimited storage is the 2020 pixel phone. Several reports from The Verge and Toms Guide suggest that Google does not intend to extend this benefit to the next wave of pixel phones.

    Never bloatware

    The threat of unwanted apps and services and often unwanted software features affects most Android phones that are subsidized by US wireless carriers. Not so with pixel handsets. It is the Android OS that Google originally designed. These will not be hidden by masking software.

    New Android updates

    In addition to the unlimited storage space for photos, Google prefers to update its pixel phones. Whenever a newer Android OS version or security patch is released, it comes in Pixels first. This includes new features that are different from full OS updates. Pixels are the first priority in all beta Android versions.

    Google Fi comes as an option

    While not a huge force in the wireless carrier market, it does offer its own cellular service for mobile devices. Called Google Fi (it has nothing to do with Google Fiber), this MVNO style system offers paid data plans. It also uses technology that seamlessly switches between voice calls between Wi-Fi and cellular networks.

    All Pixel phones come specifically designed to run on Google OS. These phones are also unlocked so you can switch to any carrier. It’s just that things get a little complicated when choosing a 5G pixel like the Pixel 5, Pixel 4A5G. Google sells three items: Verizon, Google Fi (Unlocked) and Unlocked (5G No). These handsets will work on all major US carriers (things in India are not primarily guaranteed). However, it is not certain whether they will all be compatible with each carrier’s 5G network.

    There are mid-range smartphones launched and to take on OnePlus Nord series and Samsung A-series

    Barriers to spam

    This Pixel phone has the unique feature of blocking it if it is constantly attacked by a flood of unwanted push or marketing calls. The pixel call screen function in the phone app works with Google Assistant to prevent robot calls from reaching you. This can even prevent the phone from ringing.

    Great phone deal

    Compatible with 5G cellular networks, this handset has an excellent ultraviolet camera and a large LED display. It offers robust software support from Google and offers up to three years of timely updates. The new phone sells for $ 200 less than the Pixel 5.

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