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    The 21st century can be called a technology revolution. We are moving towards 5G along with Artificial intelligence and cloud computing. There’s no exception in the camera world. Digital cameras already overtake traditional cameras long ago where you can take only around 36 photos using a reel. And today mirrorless camera left DSLR way behind.

    But all of them have one common drawback. You have to develop the film to get a physical photo and it takes time. That’s where a polaroid camera or an instant camera comes in. It provides a printout seconds after you take the shot. Definitely, it’s no way near the quality to DSLR or Mirrorless cameras but it has its own advantages. And polaroid camera Black Friday Deals offers you a great opportunity to pick up one at a great discount.

    GoPro Hero 7 Black

    Before you go out to get a polaroid camera, let me tell you some essential parameters you need to consider before getting one.

    • Image Size: As the main purpose of a polaroid camera is to print out the image instantly, you need to look at the size of the image it prints. Generally, all the cameras print 6.2×4.6cm which is sufficient enough.
    • Optical Viewfinder: It’s always good to have an optical viewfinder in the polaroid camera. You can get a proper view of the actual image through this.
    • Built-in Flash: A must-have feature. Since the lens is not that powerful to capture a good low light shot like DSLR, a built-in flash is necessary to capture your night photos.
    • Battery: Some have an AA battery where some of them have lithium-ion. Both of them are capable to last a full day. But please take a look at the rating before choosing one.
    • Self-timer: Please don’t expect any kind of stabilization inside the camera body. So if you are not a pro photographer the chances of shaking the camera are high. As a result, you get blurry images. And since it’s a polaroid camera you can just delete it and take a new one. So self-timer is an important feature to get rid of the blurry images.

    If you are new to polaroid camera and after reading the above you are going to get one in this Black Friday sale let me tell you one thing – drop all you know about cameras from your head. There isn’t one single similarity between a DSLR or mirrorless cameras and a polaroid camera. Some polaroid camera looks like a toy made for the child. Because they are made for one specific reason – capture your best memories and store them with you physically.

    Fujifilm Instax mini is the best example of a colorist bulky looking polaroid camera. But it is attractive and has some great features among polaroid cameras. And if you want something more sophisticated then you can go with Polaroid OneStep+. But all of them will perform their task seamlessly. So it’s up to you which design you prefer.


    A polaroid camera or instant camera is completely different than other cameras out there. You can’t use it as a go-to option in photography. Its use is more into a particular task like keeping a special memory with you for always. I wish the above parameter helps you to choose the best Polaroid camera in this Black Friday 2020 sale.

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