• Xiaomi is the world’s second largest smartphone maker, surpassing Apple

    The smartphone will be launched under the names MI and Redmi from April to June this year.


    • During the April-June period, Xiaomi accounted for 17% of global smartphone exports.
    • Samsung tops the list with a 19% market share.
    • Apple was relegated to third place with a market share of 14%.

    Chinese tech giant Xiaomi has overtaken American tech company Apple in smartphone manufacturing. In the second quarter of this year (April-June), market research consortium Canalys said that Xiaomi had overtaken iPhone maker Apple, which mainly markets smartphones under the names Mi and Redmi.

    According to Reuters, Xiaomi came in second with 17% of smartphone exports worldwide in April-June. This is an increase of 3% over the first quarter of this year.

    Global smartphone exports grew by 12% in April-June. Samsung tops the list with a market share of 19%. Apple was relegated to third place with a market share of 14%.

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    According to Canalys Research Manager Ben Stanton, the average price of Xiaomi phones is 40% to 75% lower than Samsung’s and Apple’s smartphones, respectively. This year, Xiaomi’s main priority is to increase sales of premium quality smartphones.

    Xiaomi’s exports grew by 300% in Latin American countries, 150% in Africa and 50% in Western Europe during April-June.

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