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    In the 1990’s, children showed much craze among playing video games. This is with no spells to tell how much they are during those periods. At the earlier phase, your favourite games were played once by visiting a video game pager and not on mobiles. One of the few popular games in the era was the Contra game. As you know, Contra games one among them ruled India’s market for video games in the 90s. Now, some of the big news actually is Contra Returns where it finally gets on a release date. The mobile game thus far will get released in almost all the countries to include North America, Latin America, and Europe with pre-registration opened for both iOS and Android users.

    Contra Returns big release:

    Since there was a wider release of the Contra game, it was released originally in China during the year 2017 and in Taiwan in the year 2018. English version of the game was also released during the same year in some Southeast Asian countries. 

    The game, as you know, it was initially developed by TiMi Studio Group and Konami. This game has also received a new trailer with its live pre-registration. On the other hand, the game, Contra Returns is based on the original run-and-gun title from the 90s, with the later update being introduced with a lot of improvements. The developers call it a new take on the franchise and with new graphics, gameplay upgrades, new characters, storylines, and customizable weapons.










    During the year July 2020, TiMI studios did make an announcement where it was planning a wide release for Contra Returns and looks around for feedback from the fans to help improve the game. During that time there was no release date for the game but was believed it would be launching last year but it has not happened.

    During that time there was no release date for the game and believed that it would be launched last year but it did not happen. Developer TiMi studios developed previously a game such as highly popular Call of Duty: Mobile, Arena of Valor and Honor Kings. Also read: A 7-year-old child was playing the game on father’s phone and made a bill of 1.33 lakh and had to sell a Toyota car.

    Again to make a reminder for the fact is that this game made on the theme, ‘Protecting Earth from Red Falcon’, was very popular during that time which is the Contra of the 90s. Many parts came in it and were much liked among the children. However, no information is being provided about the launch of this game in India yet.

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