• NVIDIA and AMD GPUs takes on with Intel Arc desktop graphic cards.

    NVIDIA and AMD GPUs take on with Intel Arc desktop graphic cards. Intel’s new brand Intel Arc for graphics hardware, software, and services. Support is being provided for Intel Arc graphic cards which are hardware accelerated ray-tracing and AI-driver supersampling

    The products of Intel Arc were most likely to be unveiled at CES 2022. Intel Arc is supposed to be a new brand for upcoming notebook high-performance graphic cards and desktops. Intel Arc hosts an array of Intel hardware, software, and services that are aimed at the graphic market for enthusiasts. Intel’s upcoming desktop graphic cards are based on the DG2 moniker and from now on, it carries the code name “Alchemist” and be the first generation of the Arc line of graphic cards.

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    Intel’s discrete GPU roadmap do make it a point in revelation having the codename Battlemage, Celestial, and Druid. Desktop’s and notebooks feature the new Intel Arc graphic solutions that reportedly hit retail markets in Q1 2022.

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