• Airtel users will get a bundled plan known as Airtel Black Plan

    Airtel Black plan

    Airtel launched Airtel Black in a virtue conference on Friday. Airtel Black was a program that initiates all in one bill including DTH and broadband. The customers with this option combine their postpaid, direct-to-home (DTH), and fiber services within a single bill. Telecom users also get some additional benefits which is by combining two or more of their services into a single bill, such as getting answers to all service related queries from a single customer care number or prioritize complaints through a dedicated relationship team.

    Finding a solution with Customers that will either have the ability to choose from two or more of the company’s services to make their own Airtel Black plan or they shall have an option for choosing a pre-built Airtel Black fixed plan starting at Rs 998.













    Airtel Black is available from July 2nd and it does offer one DTH connection and two postpaid mobile connections for just Rs 998. Apart from this, there is a combo offer provided which consists of three mobile connections and one DTH connection which can be availed for Rs 1,349. Customers also get to use fiber connections and two postpaid mobile connections for Rs. 1,589 per month. The most expensive plan is Rs 2,099, which is to offer that includes three mobile connections, one fiber connection and one DTH connection.









    The customers if they don’t want to go for a fixed plan, Airtel gives you an option to bundle two or more of your services into your own Airtel Black plan. However, this program is not included with Airtel prepaid connections.

    Customers who adopts Airtel Black program gets on to go with a single bill, after which there will not be any need to pay for services separately. Apart from this, the customers will not have to wait for different dates for bill payments for different services.

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    It does carry certainly which seems quite convenient. Not only this, but the company also has promised to provide a priority service, which connects you to a customer care representative within 60 seconds of calling you. Apart from this, it is claimed that the TV connection of Airtel Black users never gets disconnected, complaints will be resolved on priority, and will also be given the benefit of free service visits.

    The company will provide also with Xstream Box set-top box for Airtel Black customers for a refundable amount of Rs 1,500. Customers avail the Airtel Black fixed plan under the new program by just giving a missed call to 8826655555 or can bundle this with any of the two or more Airtel services as per their choice. Airtel also gives a chance to be a part of this program which directly is through Airtel. Also, customers can also visit their nearest Airtel store to avail the Airtel Black program.

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