• Apple reaps huge profits in the last quarter

    Apple made huge profits last quarter. Apple Company has revealed that the last quarter was the most profitable quarter ever. The company attributed the rise in profits to higher sales of the Apple iPhone, MacBook and iPod. Apple’s profit was the highest in the April – May quarter. Apple has seen tremendous growth during this period.

    In addition to revealing huge growth in the last quarter, Apple executives have warned that delays in the supply chain could affect the company’s revenue in the next quarter. Apple said supply chain delays would mainly affect the iPod and iPhone. This is sure to be reflected in the figures coming out in the coming months.

    Apple’s revenue for the April-June quarter rose 36 per cent. The total is $ 81.41 billion. iPhone revenue alone rose 50 per cent to $ 39.57 billion. This is huge growth. Mac and iPod sales also increased during the quarter. According to the report, the Mac sold $ 8.24 billion and the iPod $ 7.37 billion. Other Apple services revenue rose 33 per cent to $ 17.48 billion.

    Revenues for products such as Air Pods and Apple Watch also increased during the period. Revenue from products in this category rose 40 per cent to $ 8.77 billion, according to the report and Apple Corps’ revenue has been boosted by reports that people are starting to work from home due to the spread of the coronavirus. Apple products are selling like hotcakes with the need for better laptops and mobiles to work from home.

    Online classes have also contributed to Apple’s revenue growth. Laptops and iPods are regularly bought by many people who attend classes. That’s why analysts say sales of iPods and Macs are on the rise. In this case, Apple’s student discount program has helped the company increase sales. This is Apple’s program that offers attractive discounts to students.

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    Since the Covid expansion has been a boon to Apple in some ways, there have been times during this lockdown when Apple products that can be purchased online have not been able to be delivered, which has been a major setback for companies including Apple. The popularity of the iPhone 12 series has also contributed to the company’s increased profits. Anyway, Apple is introducing more products in the coming months. The iPhone 13 series is expected to hit the market by September. This will further increase Apple’s revenue.

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