• Coolpad Cool 3 Plus Review: A stylish phone with a pocket barrier

    The smartphone market is changing day by day. Several new models hit the market each week. But apart from Reliance Jio, Xiaomi, and Nokia, there are very few phones that offer packages that do not weigh more than Rs 6,000.

    Coolpad 3, is an entry-level handset from a Chinese mobile phone company, is launching into this market, which is not penetrated by many smartphone makers. The Coolpad Cool 3 Plus is an updated version of the Coolpad Cool 3 that the company launched earlier this year. The basic 2GB RAM + 16GB storage model is priced at Rs 5,999 and the 3GB RAM + 32GB storage model is priced at Rs 6499.

    The phone has a glass-finished back design and expandable storage, a face-unlock Face Unlock system and an 8 MP selfie camera.

    It remains to be seen whether Coolpad will win in this segment where Xiaomi is the king.

    Coolpad Cool3 Plus Review Design, Display:

    The Coolpad Cool 3 Plus has a compact and attractive design. You can see your face on the plastic frame on the back of the phone as if in a mirror. The reference provided by this company is “Gradual Mirror Technology”. The Coolpad Cool 3 Plus has a slightly curved lightweight design that gives it a good grip.

    The volume button and power button are located on the right side of the phone. The sim tray is arranged on the left side. The headphone jack is at the top of the frame, and the USB charging point and speakers are at the bottom of the phone. The Coolpad Cool 3 Plus is easy to handle and can be used with one hand.

    We got to review the nice bright Ocean Blue colour model of the Coolpad Cool 3 Plus. If you do not want such a clumsy device, you can opt for the cherry black variant of the phone.

    The new phone also has a 5.71-inch HD + IPS LCD display as seen on the Coolpad Cool 3. The screen has a thick base and light borders. Its resolution is 720X1520 pixels. The pixel density is 295 ppi and the aspect ratio is 19: 9.

    When used indoors or in other enclosed spaces, the display reflects attractive colours, but the colours are less when exposed to sunlight. Adjusts the Auto Bright mode when switching from a well-lit place to a relatively dim place. Night lights can be used to reduce eye strain when using the phone at night.

    Coolpad Cool3 Plus Review Software and Performance:

    Coolpad Cool 3 Plus runs on the Android 9 Pie Operating System and also is powered by a MediaTek Helio A22 quad-core processor. The phone’s internal memory can be expanded up to 128 GB with the help of a micro SD card.

    The phone takes some time to open the apps. This is not a big deal as the phone is capable of multi-tasking. Coolpad Cool 3 Plus did not disappoint us when we tried to use multiple apps on the phone at the same time. Things get loaded quickly and things can be done in a timely manner.


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    The phone’s performance is satisfactory in small browsing, daily phone calls and texting. The performance in handling phone calls is noteworthy. The network quickly recognizes the Coolpad Cool Plus 3 even in areas with low signal strength.

    Like other phones, the phone comes with Google Apps, Opera News, Health-Guard, UC Browser and clone apps installed. Another feature in this is the system to improve the performance of the device while playing the game on the phone. Don’t think that Coolpad Cool 3 Plus will support any of the giant graphic games. It’s just that the device will support basic games without overheating issues.

    In addition, the Coolpad Cool 3 Plus comes with a well-functioning fingerprint scanner and a face recognition facial recognition system. Do not expect speed or comparison with more premium phones.

    Coolpad Cool3 Plus Camera Review:

    The Coolpad Cool 3 Plus’s single 13-megapixel primary rear sensor has six different beauty modes: broken mode, time-lapse, portrait mode, and face cut. Admittedly, Coolpad offers all these features for Rs 5999.

    Picture quality is good in terms of price. Coolpad Cool 3 Plus will not disappoint the average user. But when looking at other competitors like Redmi Go in the market, the Coolpad Cool 3 Plus lags behind to provide sharp images.

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