• Covid-19 Warnings made available on Google Maps service by Google

    Google has added features to its map service to help those travelling to cities recovering from the Covid-19 epidemic.


    Covid-19 alerts are available in the latest version of the Google Maps app for Android and iOS smartphones.

    In the latest update, Covid-19 related travel restrictions can be found by looking at the destination. This way, we can better plan our travels.

    If we look at the public transport direction, we can see on the map whether the train to our destination has been cancelled due to Covid-19 or not.

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    This feature is currently available in India, the USA, UK, Australia, Argentina, Brazil and France. These travel alerts are available at locations where information is available from local agencies in these countries. Available in more countries soon.

    The map shows how crowded the train stations are. Google provides this information by looking at the location data of those who have turned on Location History on their phone.

    If you are in driving mode on the map you will also get warnings about whether Covid-19 checkpoints or other travel restrictions along the way.

    Google Maps Product Director Ramesh Nagarajan announced the new features on Google Maps’ official blog.

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