• How To Select Best Screen Guard For Smartphone ?


    How To Select Best Screen Guard : As the name suggests, screen guard or screen protector protects your smartphone from damage. But do you know that screen guard can also block your smartphone. Meaning the incoming and outgoing calls of the phone can be blocked due to the screen guard.

    On many occasions, when the phone does not receive incoming or outgoing calls, the customer thinks that your phone is damaged. But this can also happen because of your screen guard. Therefore, the right choice of screen guard should be made. Otherwise it can affect the health of your smartphone. Let us know how to choose the right screen guard.

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    Screen Protector


    What is the reason ? 

    How To Select Best Screen Guard : According to Vivo’s report, two sensors Ambient Light Sensor and Proximity Sensor are hidden under the display in the modern smartphone. You do not see these two sensors, which are located near the receiver on the right side of the phone’s screen.

    In such a situation, when you use a third party screen protector, it blocks the screen protector sensor. This makes your screen non reactive. In such a situation, you stop getting calls on the smartphone. Also, the in-display fingerprint scanner does not work properly with the use of third party screen guards.

    What will need to be done ? 

    Smartphone users should use a branded screen protector. On the other hand, if it is better to buy a screen protector of the same brand from the company that has the smartphone, because smartphone companies know where the sensor is placed. In such a situation, smartphone maker companies manufacture screen protectors accordingly.

    Ambient light sensor & Proximity Mobile Sensor

    There are many types of sensors present in mobile phones. One of these is the ambient light sensor. Often you see that the light of the phone automatically increases in sunlight. There it subsides in the dark. The reason for this is the sensor.

    When you take a device with Proximity mobile sensor to your ear to talk to someone, you must have noticed that the light of the phone turns off automatically and the light turns on again when you remove it. All this happens because of this sensor.

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