• Instagram New Feature: You can control sensitive content on Instagram; New feature

    The company said there will also be an option for those who want more sensitive content and those who do not. Facebook with the announcement of a new feature on Instagram, users can now control the sensitive content on their Instagram. The company said that such content will be available for those who want more and those who do not.

    “If the content comes against our guidelines, it can no longer be controlled. Control without completely removing it from Instagram. The amount of sensitive content can be decided by the user itself, ”company sources said.

    The company considers sexually explicit and violent posts as sensitive content. This category also includes promoting drug use.


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    How to change sensitive content settings?

    Sign in to Profile to see your sensitive content control. After clicking on Settings, select Account. You can see Sensitive Content Control. Here you can manage the contents.

    There will be three options: Limit, Allow and Limit Even More. Selecting the last option will result in less sensitive content and you can change this at any time.

    The Allow option is not available for users under 18.

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