• Know Mobile Phone Heating Solution In Detail

    Mobile Phone Heating Solution


    Mobile Phone Heating Solution : Almost all mobile phone users have to face the problem of Smartphone heating at some point or the other. While playing games on the phone or during long chatting and surfing the internet, it is felt that the smartphone has become somewhat hot. Many times the mobile on the ear gets hot even during normal talking on the phone.

    Usually, smartphone users ignore it considering it normal. But now the weather has taken a turn and the temperature has started rising. After the onset of summer, the temperature in many states has already touched 40 degrees. With the increase in heat, extra care of the phone has also become necessary and in such a situation, ignoring the problem of mobile phone heating i.e. smartphone hit can also prove to be very dangerous. If your smartphone is also heating up, then we have given some points along with the details of the mobile phone heating problem and solution which is very important to follow.

    Why the mobile phone gets hot?

    When the problem of Smartphone heating comes to the fore, we have told it above. But it is equally important for you to know why this problem arises. The only reason for any mobile phone to heat up is its battery. Yes, there can be many reasons for the heating of this battery, which we have mentioned in the following points.

    If the battery of the phone heats up, then there is a feeling of heating of the mobile. In some cases, the phone’s communication unit, processor and camera also cause phone heat, but it is much less than the battery. At the same time, when the temperature is already hot in the summer season, then this hitting problem increases manifold at every step of the phone processing. If you are also troubled by the problem of phone hitting, then by making a little change in your smartphone usage habits, you can save your mobile from getting hit.


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    Mobile Phone Heating Solution

    1. What is the percentage charge of the phone?

    Never fully charge the smartphone. Give up the habit of charging the mobile up to full 100 percent and stop charging the phone whenever the battery charge is close to 90 percent till the time the phone is put on charging. Similarly, do not let the phone battery drop below 20 percent. If possible, put the phone on charging as soon as there is about 20 percent drain. Too high and too low power also affects battery health and then causes overheating.

    2. Way of Charging the phone

    It is the habit of mobile users that they put the phone on charge while sleeping at night and whenever they wake up, they wake up and stop charging. In such a situation, the phone keeps on charging overnight. The charging time is not tracked and charging remains on even after the battery is fully charged. Similarly, the phone should not be charged by keeping it on the bed, pillow or mattress. The heat that comes out of the battery during charging is kept inside because of the clothes. This can lead to overheating as well as causing the phone to catch fire and explode the battery.

    3. Stylish phone covers become a problem

    The phone’s battery and processor generate heat not only during charging but also in other uses. Many people put such mobile covers in the style of style, which give a complete pack of the phone. The phone hit from such a mobile cover gets trapped inside and cannot get out. If you also use this type of cover, then try to remove the cover and let the phone air when it is outside in the sun or while the phone is charging.

    4. Use original charger and USB only

    After the charger and USB found with the smartphone gets broken or damaged, most of the Indians think that why waste money for the original. The phone can then be charged with any charger and USB. But let us tell you that this affair of cheap and local can be very expensive. All this also increases the problem of battery heating and at the same time there is a risk of slow charging and battery damage to explosion.

    5. Don’t fill the phone with useless apps

    Often smartphone users download and install many apps in the phone but after some time stop using them. These apps are lying in the phone and keep accessing the phone’s location, data, battery, camera, mic etc. Apps running in the background constantly keep the processor running and this also affects the battery. Due to these other apps, the phone becomes slow and at the same time there is a fear of getting hit. It is better to delete such apps which do not have much use. Your phone’s storage and RAM will also be saved.

    6. Keep Phone Updated

    It is also important to always keep the phone updated to the latest version. This not only makes the phone usage smooth and fast but is also good for battery health. After all, the outdated versions also overwhelm the processor and many other features of the phone become the cause of phone heating. Updating the phone and apps refreshes everything and benefits even in heating conditions. Updating everything from apps to operating system fixes errors, glitches and bugs and leaves the phone smooth, fast and secure.



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